Working with James has exceeded my expectations. I’ve been working with James for about 9 weeks and I have already lost 5kg. I’ve always leaned more towards cardio workouts in the past but James has got me training with weights which has actually helped me achieve weight loss quicker than I’ve experienced before whilst simultaneously toning and I could not be happier
James is very focused on technique and alignment before
.buildingheavy weightThe other aspect James has been helping me with is diet. I am eating more protein than before and 
which has been so important for me as I’ve had a weakness in my back that has been holding me back. Because James is so conscientious about ensuring technique is right and building strength in the right way, my back actually feels better than it has done in a long time which is unbelievable.significantlylessI’ve
per day yet I am actually fuller than I was and have much less need to snack. It’s got to be one of the best and most sustainable diets I have tried.absolutelylove working with James, I feel so much better for it and plan to keep working with him for the foreseeable. 

Sara Elbashir

I have been working with James since October and I can see so many improvements. I had little to no confidence in the gym before working with James and now I have so much more knowledge about the equipment and body movements. Not only does he help you reach your goals but along the way he even teaches you about nutrition, muscle growth and how the body works in general! James also has a knack for pushing you past your limit but keeping you at ease at the same time. It's been great working with him so far and I'm looking forward to seeing me being more body confident as the months roll by! Not only will James be your trainer but he will also be your friend, so any time you are with him you will feel completely comfortable and relaxed.

Mollie Reid

I have worked with James for 4/5 months and what an experience I have had. James has been such a motivating person and helped me through a lot of the down times I have had! I have gone down a dress size and lost 1 and a half stone and I can’t thank him enough. James is more like a friend more than a trainer he will make you feel comfortable and helps you with anything you need. Thank you so much James for just being such a lovely person and so helpful and you’ve taught me so much.

Alice Cruickshank

Training with James has become one of the highlights of my week as he challenges me to work hard, but we also have fun too. It’s been amazing to notice myself becoming stronger and more confident in the gym.


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Kayleigh Crawford

In six weeks I've seen more difference working with James than I saw trying myself at the gym for months.


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Jemma Gunderson

I've been working with James for 9 months and all I've seen are improvements and progress! He gives you constant motivation and will always offer you support.


James always has your best interest at heart and makes sure you get the changes you are looking for.


I would highly recommend him!


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